About Me

Hi, my name's Shanika, I'm 22, from Melbourne and paper crafting is my hobby! Well, according to my friends calling it a 'hobby' is an understatement... but when there are so many gorgeous papers in the world who can resist creating!
I have been papercrafting for several years now, but it is only recently (in 2017) that I decided to start a blog, so here I am! What I love making the most are cards and explosion boxes. I love being able to make cards to give to people, I think handmade cards are always the best! I also dabble in other crafts from time to time.
My obsession with crafts comes as a surprise some to people since I am a uni student studying astrophysics. These are my two passions in life, craft and astrophysics, hence I thought a blog name combining the two would be appropriate! :)
I also love singing, playing chess and making desserts.
Hope you enjoy my papercrafting journey!
Shanika :)


  1. You sound young, enthusiastic and multi talented. I am going to follow you. Good luck on life's journey. Cindy


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